New Construction

Thinking about Building a New Home?

Boise new construction

Sometimes a new home is THE RIGHT CHOICE.
Whether you just want new, or you can't find an existing home that will work, building a new home can be a great experience...If you take steps early on to help ensure a positive outcome.

Having the right agent guide through the process not only can save you a lot of money and heartache but it doesn't cost you anything to hire us.. Really we're free. We've have many Boise home builders that we work with that will pay us out of the builders fee, so you don't have to pay for a realtor when building a home. At least not when you use us. Here are some of the ways our NEW CONSTRUCTION TEAM can help you:

1. Setup interviews with recommended and trusted Idaho home builders. Selecting the right Idaho Home Builder is hugely important for getting a desired outcome without pulling out your hair. We've work with dozens of Home Builders in Idaho, and can help you find the fit for your build job.

2. Search out and Negotiate the ideal lot for you. Many available lots are not advertised, so we can help you research and discover more possibilities then you'd be able to searching online or just speaking with a builder.

3. Monitor Quality, Timelines, Price Adjustments, and Change Orders. As your partner, we will help you monitor the project from start to finish. If needed, we can discuss any concerns with the builder with you or on your behalf. We’ve got your back. That’s how we roll.

4. Assist with Financing. Finding good financing options for homesites &/or construction loans in today’s market is very challenging. Our team meets and stays up-to-date with dozens of lenders and can lead you to the best financing sources available today.


There is NO COST for our services. You don't have do all the work your self, we are here to help.

To contact our New Home Construction Division call: 208-740-5000 or Click Here to Email Us