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Dated: 05/05/2016

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Garden Valley Update

As many of you know, Gaylene and I bought a property up in Garden Valley last year. It resonated with peace in our hearts that it was the right move and the next place for us. We feel blessed to have pulled this off and with new hopes of creating new memories with family and friends.

Surrounded by so much beauty up there, we enjoyed a lot of activities this past year. We floated the river. We took in the Wine and Art Festival at Terrace Lakes. We got a few Quads and did a few trail rides. We enjoyed the peace with deer and elk—we even spotted a showing of wild turkeys.

We built a small mini-cabin on the property. The project spanned many weekends, and a special thanks to those who helped. Our new “Zen Shack” came out great. One of the things Gaylene thought I could do, was be a general contractor on the build of our new home. The cabin, however, made it clear enough that if I were to take on an entire house, it would rank high on the Divorce-O-Meter. Thus we hired a builder.

Through all of this, we had some great experiences with our neighbors. They couldn’t have been kinder. They helped us with tools and labor, lent us their showers, and shared with us many laughs and good dinners. Thanks so much to them!

We had our grandkids up to the property when there was a good amount of snow. They sledded down the hill in the back of the property. I towed them on discs behind our quad, and they slingshotted around, making lots of laughs and good times.

We also did our first snowshoe this year. That was so fun! Mom had carpal tunnel surgery prior to joining us. So she had her wing tucked into her jacket as she peacefully and joyfully stepped along in the fresh snow. Then she caught the tip of her snow shoe and went face-first into two feet of snow and couldn’t move. Her arms were pinned. We were laughing so hard that we had trouble helping—when we finally got her up, she was laughing her butt off, too! It was a classic memory. We look forward to snowshoeing again next year.

We’re getting close to starting our new build. As things move along, we’ll have some of you up to the property to enjoy the peace we’ve found up there.

Enjoy the Subtle Beauty of Boise

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Specializing in relocations, I often spend time with home buyers who come in from out of town. We spend so much of their limited time focused on finding the perfect home that a lot of home buyers don’t get out and experience the subtle beauties and finer things that Boise and the Treasure Valley have to offer.

I recently spent two or three days looking at homes with a couple of relocating families. Toward the last few hours, I asked them, “Did you get a chance to walk along the Boise River?” I had mentioned it a couple of times during the course of their visit, but they told me they hadn’t found the opportunity. “Then let’s take the time to do it right now,” I said.

We parked the car and spent a good 30 minutes just walking the river, talking, and enjoying the subtle beauty and wild life that is so abundant in Boise and Eagle. So many people don’t take advantage of the beautiful Greenbelt system that stretches more than 27 miles through the city and up to Lucky Peak Reservoir. It’s clean and safe. It’s therapeutic. It’s one of the beauties of the Treasure Valley that speaks so much about our way of life without saying a word.

My new friends stood by the river, taking in the ducks and geese and the smells and sights of the water, and I could tell they were at peace with it all. As we waited on the path for Jeanne, who had stopped to listen one last time, she walked over to me and said, “That’s my song.” She shared with me in very few words how the river and The Boise area made her feel in her heart.

That experience resonated with me because it reminded me of my mom. It really touched my heart. Those are the moments I love the most about this business—developing relationships and taking time out to enjoy the journey, but still being effective in helping people make some of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Lender Story

There are many stories that can be shared when it comes to acquiring a Home Loan to purchase your new home. A common misconception I see often is the topic of, what we like to call “Mattress Money”.

I recall a specific time when working with a client who used the Dave Ramsey method of saving money. While this is an excellent method for paying off debt, unfortunately it does lend itself well to obtaining a loan to purchase a new home. Cash on hand is not considered to be “sourceable” funds. As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. When saving money in envelopes, that will unfortunately be where the money needs to stay. Once taken out as cash, it cannot simply be put back in as cash at a later date. In this particular instance we had to wait for this borrower to get paid through their employer over a two week period so that we could source (or track) the funds for close. 

The exception to this is looking ahead. Should you have “Mattress Money” make sure it gets in the game early in the process and is in your account at least 60 days prior to starting your process. This will allow all funds to be tracked moving in and out of your account during the time of your home loan process. Otherwise you may find yourself a bit surprise with have a delayed closing. Mandee Day–Fairway Independent Mortgage, NMLS ID 1181054 // Mobile 208-340-1693 // mandeed@fairwaymc.com // www.mandeeday.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


“Gregg was the very best agent I have ever worked with and I have bought and sold more than a few homes in the last 3 years. He listens to what you want and then makes it happen! “- Marci

“It was way easier than we thought, and it went so smoothly. Thank you for your help and support on this!” — The Warrens

“I wanted to THANK YOU! Thank you for helping us through the process of establishing a new (and most importantly, a better) life for our family. Had you and Gaylene not taken a chance on Idaho, which then brought your daughters, which then brought us . . . which has now given my boys and family a chance at an amazing life. We look forward to many life adventures with all of you. Thank you for being patient with us all through this tough process with the build and for always being cool, calm, and collected!” — The Martinez Family

Your greatest compliments are referrals with trust  – Bless you all this year!                                                                    FindingBoise.com

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